My Dancing Hero

I haven’t danced in two years…and knowing that I’ll be taking Modern Dance at the nearby college makes me ecstatic. I can’t wait to put on my dance shoes, my leggings, my tang-top, and my hair up…ready to delve into the world of expression. 

When I did dance, my teacher was a very famous choreographer, Arwen Renner. She influenced me to wanna take dance again and from her life story, she is my Hero. I wish I could thank her, but frankly I have a feeling she won’t remember me. It’s not because she didn’t like me or because she’s snobby, it’s just because she has taught so many kids and is a teacher at an art school. I’m pretty sure she has seen more faces than she can possibly remember.

But if she ever does come across this (a one in a million chance), then I would like to thank her. I want to thank her because she opened my eyes to a whole different world that I never knew. She taught me to be grateful for everything that I have, even though she never lectured me on anything. I learned to keep my dance movements SHARP and flowy. Thank you Arwen…for everything. And Arwen…I still know every dance routine that you taught me. 🙂




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