Smurf Q’

I have a very intriguing question…if you choke a Smurf, what color will he turn….?


My Dancing Hero

I haven’t danced in two years…and knowing that I’ll be taking Modern Dance at the nearby college makes me ecstatic. I can’t wait to put on my dance shoes, my leggings, my tang-top, and my hair up…ready to delve into the world of expression. 

When I did dance, my teacher was a very famous choreographer, Arwen Renner. She influenced me to wanna take dance again and from her life story, she is my Hero. I wish I could thank her, but frankly I have a feeling she won’t remember me. It’s not because she didn’t like me or because she’s snobby, it’s just because she has taught so many kids and is a teacher at an art school. I’m pretty sure she has seen more faces than she can possibly remember.

But if she ever does come across this (a one in a million chance), then I would like to thank her. I want to thank her because she opened my eyes to a whole different world that I never knew. She taught me to be grateful for everything that I have, even though she never lectured me on anything. I learned to keep my dance movements SHARP and flowy. Thank you Arwen…for everything. And Arwen…I still know every dance routine that you taught me. 🙂



Smells Like Teen Spirit…

Hopefully you know the famous song by Nirvana, but incase you don’t, then all you really need to know is that it is about teenage rebellion. So today I had an experience that I am sure everybody is familiar with: Teen+Marijuana= a police arrest.

Today I saw four teens being handcuffed and made to sit against a fence. Why? Because one of the kids had possession of 7 ounces worth of the magical over-rated four leaf (I think?) plant. My Brother and I were sitting down on a bench, enjoying our candy, listening to what the officers were saying. One of the policeman was NOT a happy camper, and I couldn’t be more happy that he was. What is it with teens nowadays? Why drugs? Why can’t you get high of off your own happiness? It just seems foreign to me. And where are the parents? Anyway, before I begin rambling, this is how it ends:

The officers arrest one of the kids and the rest hang around for a little bit. When they leave, the teens go back to where they initially were arrested and collected some off the pot of the floor that the officer had crushed. After they gathered some they kept saying “We have enough to still smoke a bowl.” I was in shock.

Why would these kids think about smoking after their “friend” was arrested? Are they really that stupid? As a teen myself, I dont even see the point…but hey, it smelled like teen spirit.

Aluminum or Glass?

Do you enjoy soda’s from aluminum cans or glass bottles? Why? Do you think the flavor is different?

My nickname: Syderbean. What about yours?

My nickname was givin’ to me by my Aunt. When they did a sonogram I was the size of a bean, so my Aunt combined my name (Sydney) and the word bean which then created the nickname: Syderbean. So what’s the story behind your nickname?

Who (in your opinion) do you think brought alternative rock back in the 90’s?

Who (in your opinion) do you think brought alternative rock back in the 90’s? Do you think it was The White Stripes? Red Hot Chili Peppers?

In my opinion, I think it was The White Stripes…now the question is, are they brother and sister OR were they married? I’m still confused….